27/02/71 (PH)

27/02/71 (PR)

03/04/71 (PO)

05/06/71 (PR)

05/06/71 (PO)

18/06/71 (PR)

21/08/71 (PO)

24/09/71 (SL)

26/09/71 (PR)

29/10/71 (PO)

17/12/71 (PO)

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MISC = miscellaneous
PH = photo/s  PO = poster/s  PR = press 
SL = set list  T = ticket  V = video/s

Line-up: Barry Devlin, Jim Lockhart, Eamon Carr,
Charles O’Connor, Declan Sinnott & Gene Mulvaney

January 24: RTÉ, ‘Fonn’ (recording), Dublin.
January 31: RTÉ, ‘Fonn’ (recording), Dublin.     
February 7: RTÉ, ‘Fonn’ (recording), Dublin.
February 14: RTÉ, ‘Fonn’ (recording), Dublin.
February 21: RTÉ, ‘Fonn’ (recording), Dublin.
February 27: ‘Fonn’ TV series (first show broadcast). (PR) (PH)
March 6: RTÉ, ‘Fonn’ (second show broadcast).
March 7: RTÉ, ‘Fonn’ (recording), Dublin.March 13: RTÉ, ‘Fonn’ (third show broadcast).
March 20: RTÉ ‘Fonn’ (fourth show broadcast).
March 27: RTÉ, ‘Fonn’ (fifth show broadcast).

Line-up: Barry Devlin, Jim Lockhart, Eamon Carr,
Charles O’Connor & Declan Sinnott

April 3: Live public début — ‘Portraits & Anthems’, Galerie Langlois, Crow Street, Dublin. (PO)
April 3: RTÉ, ‘Fonn’ (final show broadcast).
April 28: RTÉ radio show recording at O’Connell Hall, Dublin.
May 1: Portraits & Anthems, Galerie Langlois, Dublin (repeat event).
May 1 (evening): Trinity College Arts Society Ball.
May 11: Recording ‘Preab sa Cheol’, RTÉ radio.
May 12: Recording for Liam Nolan’s RTÉ radio show.
May 15: Trinity College Rowing Club, Dublin.
May 16: Tiffany’s, Dublin.                          
May 29: Mansion House, Dublin.
June 1: Talbot Hotel, Wexford.     
June 5: Sligo Sounds ’71 Whit Weekend Festival. (PO) (PR)
June 14: Ormonde Hall, Arklow, Wicklow.
June 18: ‘Discaset’, RTÉ TV. (PR)
June 20: Sloopy’s Nightclub, Dublin.
June 26: RDS, Dublin.
July 3: Clare Festival. (The bill includes Johnny Fean’s band, Jeremiah Henry).
July 16: RTÉ TV’s ‘Songs And Sounds Of Tomorrow’.
August 2: Lilac Ballroom, Carndonagh, Donegal. (PO)
August 6: Revolution, Galway.
August 7: National Stadium, Dublin (supporting Thin Lizzy).
August 8: Rock In The Hollow, Blackrock Park, Dublin.
August 10: Gorey Arts Centre.
August 21: Indoor Pop Festival, Alice’s Restaurant, Wolfe Tone Street, Dublin. (PO)
August 23: Television Club, Dublin.
August 28: Countdown Club, Dublin.
August 29: Blackrock Festival.
August 31: Kilkenny.                      
September 3: Limerick.                
September 12: Terenure.
September 24: Bray. (SL)
September 26: ‘Preab sa Cheol’, RTÉ radio. (PR)
October 2: Longford.
October 9: Alice’s Restaurant, Dublin.
October 10: RTÉ Television appearance with Albert Fry.
October 13: Mansion House Charity Concert, Dublin.
October 29: Borderland, Muff. (PO)
November 9: Trinity College Arts Society Ball.
November 19: Limerick.                           
November 20: Longford.               
November 23: Gala Cinema Charity Concert, Ballyfermot.
November 27: Tramore.
November 29: Seapoint Ballroom, Salthill, Galway.
December 5: Queen’s University, Belfast.
December 8: Savoy Cinema, Cork.
December 10: Anti-Apartheid Concert at Coláiste Mhuire, Dublin.                             
December 11: Galway.                 
December 13: Silverpines.
December 17: Metropolitan Hall, Dublin. (PO)
December 22: Drogheda.
December 23: Killarney.